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Libertaria is creating the technologies for decentralized societies. Our cutting-edge software and hardware lets people connect and transact directly, safely and privately. By developing tools to connect communities and create local economies, Libertaria provides an alternative for anyone who wants a more decentralized, freer world.

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Next-gen blockchain securing independent sidechains, enabling P2P economy

anonymous | versatile | secure
Incentivized node devices for the Mercury network, app services and blockchains

plug&play | customizable | slick
Blockchain-agnostic network protocol to build decentralized apps

modular | P2P | revolutionary
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Building the Free World

Libertaria is the next step in the evolution of decentralization. More than just transactions and contracts – we are building the whole decentralization stack, bringing the power of blockchain and peer-to-peer technology to people everywhere.

Libertaria is combining innovative peer-to-peer communication with a new blockchain protocol that harnesses the security of a global network without the scaling inefficiencies. We are also building hardware: our user-friendly plug-and-play network node allows safe and private access to the network, even for people with limited infrastructure and resources.

With Libertaria, people can quickly and easily build their own decentralized communities and economies.

Libertaria is open source and free for all. We are not trying to dismantle existing systems. We are simply offering the alternative our world needs.

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Mercury lays the foundation for the peer-to-peer economy with an innovative network and communication layer for direct communication and transactions via apps.

Vision Paper Coming Dec 10th

Hydra introduces a new kind of blockchain protocol. A federated chain system provides the security of a global network while minimizing the scaling problems.


Along with this software infrastructure, we have also developed Titania, a secure, smartphone-sized hardware node that provides safe and private access to the network.

Coming 2018
Fides & Themis

Themis will provide trustless dispute and settlement technologies based on smart contracts, while our Fides subproject is developing technologies like identity and reputation that will enable trustless systems to replace central authorities.

And many more...
Attila Vágvölgyi 
Technical Coordinator

Attila is a systems architect and lecturer at ELTE University, Budapest.
Oleksiy Protas
Titania Project Lead 

Oleksiy is a biologist and software engineer with experience hacking all kinds of Linux internals.
István Zólyomi
Senior Backend and Network Developer

Istvan has a PhD in computer science and worked on mobile netwoks for a decade.
Amon Engemann
Hydra Prototyping and Development 

Amon is a physicist and core developer for Internet of People (IoP).
Pooja Maheshwari
Titania UX Developer 

Pooja is a fullstack developer from Bangalore, India with experience in Big Data and monitoring systems.
Sarah Klostermair
Social Media, Marketing and Community Building 

Contact Sarah with any questions regarding Libertaria.
Rich McDowell
Marketing and Communication.

 A Cambridge-educated philosopher, Rich is curator of all Libertaria papers.
Dániel Róka
Hydra Project Lead 

Daniel is a mathematician and systems architect.
Matias Furszyfer
Mercury Project Lead 

Matias has experience in a variety of crypto projects, specializing in mobile blockchain development.
Markus Maiwald
Libertaria Founder 

Visionary, successful serial entrepreneur and investor. 
We are a true FOSS project, and our team is supporting various other projects.
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